MMM introduces mmm West Africa


Minimum N1000 and maximum N2,000000



Daily 1.66% for 30 Days�( 25 days locking period )


Growth starts from the time of commitment



You will receive 100% link after 15 days .




Fullfill your Provide link within 12 Hour & Get 10% Speed Bonus.

Fullfill your Provide link within 24 Hour & Get 5% Speed Bonus


Types of Income


1.Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus = 10%


2.Facebook task  Bonus

Earn 0.3% daily on PH value as facebook Task bonus .


3. Guider’s Bonus


Sr.NoLevelIncome %

1.1st Level for Guider & above 5%

2.2nd Level for 50 Guider & above 3%

3.3rd Level for 100 Guider 1%




* You should complet 50 Direct confirm id for Manager Panel

* participants register here with only 1 mobile , 1 email and 1 account ID.

* For registration email & mobile verification is compulsory. kindly provide valid email & mobile no.

* Your Growth will be start Next Day after registration.

* Manager get storage fund according to his/her work.

* Manager will be able to withdraw daily, equal to his provide help.

* Total time will be given 48 hrs to provide help.

* After non-full filling of commitment your ID will be blocked after 24 hrs.

* Growth will be given for all days.

* After Withdraw you get Receive Link next day .

* One Withdrawal Complete Then Other Withdrawal.

* Don’t do Fake Activity otherwise your id will be blocked.

* Rejected Link will come on Next Day not Same Day.

[11/24, 21:59] Eze Chimezirim: MMM WEST AFRICA FORUM GROUP RULES


Everyone please take time and go through these rules, they will help us to maintain discipline and decorum in the group.

The rules are as follows:


1)This Group is Solely meant for the Promotion of MMM WEST AFRICA


2)No Any Other Business Should be promoted here.


3)No Posting of Any Article(s) relating to other onlin in this group.


4)No Posting of Religious or Faith Based Articles. Only motivational messages and quotes will be allowed.


5)No Posting of Sexual Articles.


6)No Posting of deceitful pictures of earnings.


7)Do not Register anyone who you did not introduce to this group by private chatting them. You should not come to the group to scout for members to register under you because every member of the group is been recommended to the group by someone so they should get back to such person and register under the person who spoke to them and recommended them to the group.


8)Always be cultured in your language while addressing any member in the group, anyone caught abusing any member of the group shall be removed from the group.


9)Don’t share contacts of group members with a third party without their consent.


10)Be Honest in your dealings with group members and the public.


11) If a business or businesses doesn’t appeal to you do not discourage others. One mans food is likely to be another man’s poison.


Any Member who violate the Rules shall be deleted from the group. group admins take note and enforce this rules, God bless you all.

Make sure you use as invite:




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