I’m not dating Falz, Funke Akindele cries out

No doubts, the relationship between superstar actress, Funke Akindele and lawyer turned singer, Falz, has been fruitful, since they hooked up on the TV series ‘Jennifer’s Diary. At least, the duo coming out of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA 2016) with an award each, Falz with Best Actor in a Comedy and Funke Akindele with Best Actress in a Comedy, is enough proof that they have a goose laying golden eggs for them.
However, there have been a sneak of a rumour that the two jesters are into each other and a recent edition of the series didn’t help matters as they snuggled up to each other in a scene some have seen as ‘more than an act’. Catching up Funke Akindele at the AMVCA last weekend, the actress denied any hint of an affair with Falz and explained how she met the Karishika crooner  “I was listening to his rap one day and liked the way he raped. So I met him during Dr Sid’s wedding and we exchanged contacts. So, we got talking and one day I invited him over to my place and he came with his manager. I cooked for him and we all ate. While we were discussing, I asked him if he would like to be featured as my boyfriend in the latest edition of Jennifer’s Diary and he responded positively. Apart from work relationship, we have nothing between us. We work together and enjoy ourselves, that’s all.


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